August 7

Painting Your Bedroom? Here’s how to choose the best colours

By Painters in Leeds

August 7, 2023

Selecting the right paint colour for your bedroom can greatly influence the atmosphere and mood of the space. The right hues can transform a room into a calming sanctuary, a lively space, or even a sophisticated retreat. Whether you’re thinking about a complete room makeover or just a subtle refresh, here’s a guide to help you choose the best colour palette for your bedroom.

1. Understand the Mood You Want to Achieve: Before you dive into selecting a paint shade, consider the feeling you want to evoke in your bedroom. For instance:

  • Do you want a serene, relaxing environment? Opt for soft, neutral shades.
  • Are you aiming for a vibrant, energetic space? Consider bolder hues.
  • Perhaps you want a sophisticated, stylish look? Dark and moody tones might be your best bet.

2. Popular Colours of 2023: This year has seen some distinctive paint colour trends:

  • Wild Wonderâ„¢: Dulux’s Colour of the Year for 2023, this shade is a glowing tone inspired by the natural world, bringing the magic of nature indoors.
  • Greens: They evoke balance, harmony, and are reminiscent of nature.
  • Greys: A colour that has maintained its popularity, greys pair well with neutrals like whites and creams but can also be warmed up with hues like ochre.
  • Blues: This versatile colour has made a significant impact in 2023, from deep, dramatic blues like Hague Blue, a UK favourite for bedrooms, to more vibrant shades.
  • Pinks: Moving away from overly sweet connotations, modern pinks range from chalky shades to deep berry hues. These can be mature and sophisticated when paired with the right textures and patterns.

3. The Impact of Colour:

  • Whites and Neutrals: They can make a room feel spacious and airy. They also offer flexibility, allowing you to change up accessories for a fresh look without repainting.
  • Bold Colours: Shades like inky blues, berry reds, and burnt oranges introduce drama, warmth, and cosiness. They can be used to create feature walls or colour-blocked areas for visual interest.
  • Nature-inspired Colours: Shades derived from the outdoors, such as mushroom, dried grass, and seafoam, continue to be influential, offering a soothing backdrop that connects the indoors with the natural world.

4. Testing and Tools: Before finalising your choice, it’s advisable to test colours in the room you plan to paint. Dulux offers Peel & Stick Samples to help you make this critical decision. Additionally, Dulux’s interactive Colour Play tool allows you to explore various room images and colour preferences to suggest a suitable range of colours.

Conclusion: The bedroom is a personal retreat, and its colour should resonate with your preferences and the mood you wish to set. Whether you’re gravitating towards a modern neutral or a bold shade, remember to consider lighting, room size, and furnishings. Most importantly, choose a hue that you’ll love waking up to every day.

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