August 11

Choosing Colours to Paint Your Lounge

By Painters in Leeds

August 11, 2023

Thinking of painting your lounge ?

When it comes to choosing colours for your lounge, it’s not just about personal preference; there are specific design principles and factors to consider. Painting your lounge is an opportunity to infuse your personality into a space while ensuring it remains functional and comfortable. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best colours for your lounge:

1. Understanding the Basics of Colour:

While some interior designers have personal preferences, there are universal rules tied to form, light, colour, and space. For instance, Paul Massey suggests using a colour wheel to combine colours that may not seem intuitive to most people. This tool can help you understand complementary colours and various colour combinations.

2. Finding Inspiration:

Instead of just relying on paint charts, it’s a good idea to draw inspiration from nature. Consider colours of flowers, berries, vegetables, and even sheep’s wool as these can offer unique and calming shades.

3. Experiment with Light:

Natural light can significantly influence how a paint colour appears in a room. Before settling on a colour, try painting small patches in different parts of the room to see how the shade reacts at various times of the day. For instance, a south-facing room tends to experience warmer light, making cooler colours appear more neutral. Conversely, north-facing rooms might make certain colours seem flatter and cooler.

4. Current Trends:

While it’s essential to choose a colour that you love, being aware of the latest paint trends can provide additional inspiration. For 2023, bold colours like luxe greens, inky blues, berry reds, and burnt oranges are in vogue. However, nature-inspired neutral tones like mushroom, dried grass, cloud, and seafoam are also gaining popularity.

5. Function of the Lounge:

Your lounge’s primary use can influence your colour choice. For instance, if you often use the space for relaxation, you might want to go for calming hues. On the other hand, if it’s more of an entertainment space, vibrant and energetic colours might be more suitable.

6. Consider Your Furniture:

Your furniture can play a pivotal role in determining the paint colour. While you don’t need an exact match, having complementary or contrasting colours can create a harmonious look. For instance, if you have a red couch, green hues might offer a visually appealing contrast.

7. Neutral vs. Bold Choices:

Neutral colours are timeless and versatile, making them a safe choice for many. However, if you’re looking for a dramatic transformation, don’t shy away from bolder choices. Remember, your choice of paint acts as a backdrop, so you can balance bold wall colours with neutral furnishings or vice versa.

In conclusion, choosing a colour to paint your lounge is a blend of understanding basic design principles, considering functional aspects, and letting your personal taste shine. Whether you’re leaning towards neutrals or want to make a bold statement, ensure that the chosen colour complements the overall design and feel of your home.

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